champions return to arms
hi i need to send me someone description with configuring pcsx2 v0.9.8 to play the champions return to arms i load the game but i run it with 10 fps and i dont know what to do my laptop is windows 7 32 bit,inte core (2) duo cpu p 8600 2.40 ghz each proccesor ,4 gb ram//my graphics card is nvidia gforce g105m i will apreciate it if someone sends me description.Also when i run the cd/dvd i run it with half screen of normally game if you know what i mean.Anyway thanks waiting for reply

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(11-22-2011, 04:24 AM)aisopos20 Wrote: gforce g105m

that video card is not great for pcsx2 and your are stuck in the minumun requirements as this you wont get guarantee speeds
try a hi-risk game break chance configuration.
e.g. set speedhacks's cycle stealing to medium-high,INTC and MTVU set power plan to high-performance.
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The game doesn't work correctly anyway, and we have no idea what's up with it.

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