change a ps1 memcard .mcr save game to ps2 memcard .ps2
for transfert a save game from epsxe .mcr card to the PCSX2  .ps2 card you don't need to do complicate tranfert of file with other sofware.

I want a save file of Suikoden 2 to begin suikoden 3 .

in nthe section "configuration Memory Card"
you are just to put a .ps2 card in your first slot and the .mcr card with the suikoden 2 save in your second slot .
you need the take the option "CD/DVD No disk" and just start the bios like a old playstation2 with no disk.
you take  the browser option.
now you see your two cards . select the ps1 card select your file and copy to the ps2 memory card 
tadam Tongue

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