changed sound plugins during sound anymore!
Was going through sound plugins while playing a game, realized that the plugins didn't appear to be working, so I went back to the one i was that one doesn't work either! Has anyone experienced this?? Any fix? Help Sad!

edit - Got it to work through a tricky process of
1)Closing pcsx2
2)Reloading the game using a sound plugin that works, no matter how bad it sounds.
3)Loading the save state that had no sound
4)Resaving with working sound(regardless of the quality due to the plugin)
5)Closing & reopening pcsx2, making sure to select the correct plugin
6)Reloading the new save state

Guess I should have done more experimenting before the post! Who knows, though, this thread might be useful to someone in the future.

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Well that is pretty much expected.
When saving a state,each sound plugin saves information differently,so if you try to load a state made with sound plugin x when using sound plugin y you will have problems.
Of course,using the normal saving to memcard has no such problems
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