changing the startup drive
Using the newest version1.2 Thanks Guys!!!
I installed on my larger F drive but the inis file keeps going to the C drive. Can I change this? I modified the pcsx2.ui to point at the F drive for everything and unchecked use default, but if i delete the inis file on the C, everything I adjusted is lost and I have to start over again. I pasted the modified inis file on the F: but I don't think it looks for it there.
Works like a champ tho when I get it going again.

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Create a file called portable.ini in the pcsx2 root folder (where pcsx2.exe is), and put your ini files inside the inis folder, and it should work.

Edit: if you don't want to run the setup wizard after doing this - add RunWizard=0 to portable.ini, when you create it.

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