(cheat engine) might someone here have cheat tables for the following games?
Armored Core - Last Raven
Armored Core - Nexus (both discs)
Armored Core - Nine Breaker
Armored Core - Silent Line
Armored Core 2 - Another Age
Armored Core 2
Armored Core 3

all US version.

i managed to find values for things like hp/mp and gold for King's Field - The Ancient City on my own easily but so far no matter how much i search or what codebreaker/action replay/gameshark codes i try i can't seem to get cheats to work properly in any of these AC games. even tried using pnach files but the cheats still wouldn't work.

the most problematic by far seems to be the "energy" value. absolutely NONE of the cheat device codes i tested worked at all.it seems no "infinite energy/power" codes work for any of them.

been browsing around search results and have seen a good number of cheat tables for various games here so i figured there'd be no harm in asking about this.

interesting thing i noticed when hacking KF4 was that this emulator actually uses static memory which is a rare thing to see. rare yet quite helpful if you're trying to cheat in games.

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I suggest checking out pcsx2dis for pcsx2v1.2.1. It is significantly better than cheat engine for ps2 and is easier to find what is reading/writing values in pcsx2. Much easier for games where values reside in DMA.
Hope this helps:

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.pnach   Armored Core Last Raven.pnach (Size: 411 bytes / Downloads: 724)
.7z   Armored Core Artmoney tables.7z (Size: 1,2 KB / Downloads: 494)
(04-26-2019, 03:31 AM)harry62 Wrote: I suggest checking out pcsx2dis for pcsx2v1.2.1. It is significantly better than cheat engine for ps2 and is easier to find what is reading/writing values in pcsx2. Much easier for games where values reside in DMA.

but...i'm using pcsx2 v1.5.0... wouldn't going back to v1.2.1 result in a LOT more games being less compatible and not working nearly as good as they do now? plus it sounds like it's beyond my lvl of hacking skill and...

1. like i said before, i couldn't get gameshark codes to work for these games and 2. most of what's described in the thread for that program sounds like things cheat engine can already do and likely do easier.

so...kinda pointless for a number of reasons.
(04-26-2019, 08:32 AM)dhillel Wrote: Hope this helps:

um...i don't know what those are but they're not cheat tables. a cheat engine cheat table uses the .CT file extension while those are .AMT files and cheat engine doesn't recognize them (just tried using the one for nine breaker).

edit: er...nevermind... they ARE cheat tables, just not for cheat engine. first i've heard of this "artmoney" program. and looking at the screenshots on the artmoney website...it looks nowhere near as advanced as cheat engine. and on top of that, they charge money for it... why would i pay for an inferior product when cheat engine is 100% free to use?

as for the pnach file...just tested and nope! inf armor doesn't work, inf energy doesn't work...finite ammo for arm/back/etc.... i don't know what From did but this AC games are hard to hack.
I just copied the addresses from Artmoney to Cheat Engine and to my suprise it worked!

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.7z   pcsx2 1.5 Armored Core 2.7z (Size: 545 bytes / Downloads: 346)
Here you have the cheat codes for the pnach file:

I have attached the pnach files that I created from the lists of cheat codes. You're welcome Smile

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.pnach   0D168765_Armored Core 2 (NTSC).pnach (Size: 601 bytes / Downloads: 460)
.pnach   1F34E107_Armored Core - Last Raven (NTSC).pnach (Size: 1,45 KB / Downloads: 499)
.pnach   9545216B_Armored Core 2 - Another Age (NTSC).pnach (Size: 1,19 KB / Downloads: 387)
.pnach   72486978_Armored Core - Ninebreaker (NTSC).pnach (Size: 4,78 KB / Downloads: 418)
.pnach   B8BFF0B1_Armored core 3 - Silent Line (NTSC).pnach (Size: 383 bytes / Downloads: 531)
.pnach   FDB4D261_Armored Core 3 (NTSC).pnach (Size: 361 bytes / Downloads: 744)
I have found some more cheats and updated the old ones:

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.pnach   1F34E107_Armored Core - Last Raven (NTSC).pnach (Size: 1,94 KB / Downloads: 575)
.pnach   7E5F690C_Armored Core Nexus.pnach (Size: 2,74 KB / Downloads: 618)
.pnach   B8BFF0B1_Armored core 3 - Silent Line (NTSC).pnach (Size: 443 bytes / Downloads: 541)
.pnach   FDB4D261_Armored Core 3 (NTSC).pnach (Size: 3,3 KB / Downloads: 593)
.pnach   0D168765_Armored Core 2 (NTSC).pnach (Size: 3,81 KB / Downloads: 418)
.pnach   9545216B_Armored Core 2 - Another Age (NTSC).pnach (Size: 1,19 KB / Downloads: 330)
.pnach   72486978_Armored Core - Ninebreaker (NTSC).pnach (Size: 4,78 KB / Downloads: 431)
So I tried this with Silent line and none of the codes work. This is what I have.

gametitle=Armored Core 3 SILENT LINE
comment=Widescreen Hack

//Master code (must be on, apparently) This is the v6+ code on sites but decrypted.
// Infinite Energy

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