cheat engine next scan not working?
hey folks, cheat engine was working just fine not too long ago.

using it for Arc the lad, and was able to use it successfully for money, now i'm trying to play around with the health of one character because he sucks so bad trying to beef him up but he keeps dying.

wanted to temporarily give him extra health

but everytime i get a value for his health

like 176/206 i scan for 176, and if his health decreases or increases i make another scan for that new number but it just comes up blank.

any idea how to fix this?

i retried the tutorial to see if it was something was wrong, I'm able to do the tutorial without issue for the health part.

So now i dont know what to do.

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Not everything is what you see.
It may show 176 for health but the actually value in the address for the health to be something completely different.

Try with unknown value...decreased\increased without specifying a value
ok so i tried this

scan with unknown initial value
*got hit by enemy*
next scan with unknown decreased value

and awesome this time i got results, but a crap load of addresses, so i repeated the steps i took, still a ton of addresses. Some flashing red, some not, a couple green.
woah, found it!!!

thanks so much man!

redid the steps except this time i used decreased value by the amount of damage i received and the address popped up...crazy the value of the address is completely different

my health was at "163" and the value of the address is "4587734" lol didn't realise the values would be so different.

thanks again!
just to mention: the health might not necessarily be 176 as it is shown. There can always be a small function. A good example is that your actual health is saved as float and something like 176.23471 and the value shown in the game is just the rounded version of this.

Or only the percentage of health is stored in one address and the max health in another...

Depending on the type one can also convert to:
DWord(4587734) = 4587734
Word(4587734) = 214
Byte(4587734) = -42
ah i see makes sense, now i know what to look out for if i run across this issue again.
Just I want to know. Which one? Twilight of the Spirits or End of Darkness.

If you will create cheats using what you found by Cheat Engine, probably the leftmost digit("2") of addresses of what Cheat Engine shows would make you confused. See also this post just to be sure.

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