"cheating" to increase difficulty
my what a concise title, anyways...

most people want to cheat to make a game easy, but is there ways to make things harder? the specific game in question is gladius and i want to set everyone to lv 1 and/or reset thier exp to 0. i'll have to play game normally eventually.

i'm sure some other games will benefit positively from this, such as ff8 and wildarms2. but in this game, there's TONS of hoops to jump through just to get what you want or even need. minimizing levels only softens the blow that is the generally wasted skill points (which are limited), stats are mostly negligible save for 3 units. you still need to play the battles, some of which are required. "hoop jumping" is the only valid issue with the game and using cheats won't change that, or at least mild ones that i prefer... (as in not using inf health stuff)

so how would someone go by lowering exp or levels? would codes work or should i use the PCSX2CE? or is there something else that should be used instead? "is" there anything for this sort of request?

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Basically use the same codes that make it easier, except change the values.

For instance, if you find a code that triples EXP, you can modify the write value to halve exp. And so forth.
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