cheats with 1.0.0
hey guys im new here, quick question.

how do i enter cheats with version 1.0.0, i know there is a way but im new to Pcsx2 any videos or simple explanation will help alot. thanks for the help!

im playing kingdom hearts 2 if that matters.[/size][/font]

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first of all you need to create the pnach file in the cheats directory of your PCSX2 folder, put the game CRC (which you can find in the log when you start a game) in as the file name. a pnach is just a text file renamed to pnach so pcsx2 can find it, make sure you don't have the extensions hidden.

Next, you need to find the cheats for the region of the game your looking for, whether there game shark, action replay, codebreaker, it doesn't matter. once you find them convert them to raw (i suggest omniconvert) you need to put it like this,


The X's are where the raw converted codes go, once you have it in the pnach make sure you make a comment so you know what it does if you need to go back and disable some later.

Next, you just need to go into the PCSX2 window and enable cheats and start the game, you can load new cheats while a game is still running by restarting a plugin (like opening the graphics settings and then closing them) and it'll refresh.

And finally, to disable a cheat put // behind it. like,


PCSX2 won't find the cheat when you start the game if you have it like that.

And that's it, i tried to make it as simple as i could with just typing out instructions on what to do, shouldn't be to hard.

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