compiling pcsx2 in ubuntu lucid
Hi all,

After switching to linux, i want to use the best ps2 emulator on my linux machine, but when i download the files, i get an error, and there is no "" or "configure" file.

This is the error i get when i try to run the only file with "build" in the name "":

./ 3: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 4: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 5: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 6: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 8: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 9: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 10: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 11: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 12: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 13: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found
./ 14: ../../../tools/bin/bin2cpp: not found

i tried to make the other ".sh" files executable by running "chmod +x FILENAME" then run them, i got no errors except with "" which gave:

Building CDVDnull
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
Error with building plugins

I'm running ubuntu 10.04 (the latest) and my specs are good since i used pcsx2 on windows on the same machine.

Any help is much appreciated.

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