completely lost as to what is happening..
i understand there has been many posts on many forums, but ive been searching for weeks, and i have mental problems especially lack of focus [not really but basically]

i seem to have a pretty beefy pc, yet i cant seem to run anything smooth. im totally lost as to which plugins are for which specs, there are millions of threads claiming to contain all the info 'i need' and that i shouldnt post a thread about this, but seriously people generally dont explain things well. And it seems most everyone speaks a jargon that i dont understand. namely, sentence fragments.

i have C2Q Q9650 3ghz
8gb ram
Gforce 9400GT
running win 7 64

im using pcsx default plugins +p.e.ops sound

im trying to run SotC which i know is demanding. Also trying to run Goldeneye. all my games are demanding i guess.

Still though, i really have no idea which direction to go in, GDSX good for me? Zerog* ?
do the sound plugins effect speed as well?

Please i feel lost and im seriously getting a headache from doing this.

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speaking of going nuts, now when i reach the helicoptor in the begining of goldeneye rogue agent, i cant press x or anything. and pressing triangle is like pressing start...

Your processor is nice for PCSX2 but your graphics card is crap. You should use GSdx and check 'native' on it. For Shadow of the Colossus, there is a huge thread in this very same forum with tons of members posting which settings (and mainly which speed hacks) work well with it.

Not sure what the compatibility status is for that Goldeneye game so maybe it's not playable with PCSX2.

Sound plugins barely affect speed, with SPU2-X having the best sound quality by far and being ~2-3 fps slower than ZeroSPU2. PeopsSPU2 is a mess Tongue
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thanks bossit man!

i changed from peops to spu2-x right now and woooow what a diff!

im playing red dead revolver right now, so that helped alot as it was crackling way too much with peops.

whats a good graphics card? i decided i want to go all out for pcsx2 emulation. i have a ton of ps2 games and although i could fix my broken ps2, emulation is a paradise to me, ive actually got most of my old lucas arts and sierra games out of the 'attic' [more like brothers closet Tongue] and have been playing them scummvm and dosbox! i wish i didnt give away all my nes and sega games, then i would be able to download the roms Sad oh well, ebay ebay ebayyyy!

anyway, i wanted to say thanks again, for replying so quick. i checked so fast because im ocd, but i didnt expect to get an answer that fast!
oh yea, btw, what is the lastest version of gdsx? do i use dx9 or 10? hardware or software Tongue im guessing software,..

i found the thread here with all the gdsx plugins, but it mentions i might have to compile it myself? will any of the versions posted work for me?
The 0.9.7 already has the latest plugins included, and you should use DX10 hardware on GSdx
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thank you again, Bossit.. I'm sorry for directing all my questions here, but it seems to be the best source of info for me at the moment!

I just noticed a page called Speedhacks, which i had read somewhere in the sotc thread. which ones should i use, never use, or is it always game specific?
Always game specific, the most 'stable' ones are marked as recommended (but that doesn't mean they won't break certain games). The best source of info for that game is that specific thread which has everything you would need to know about it basically.

P.S. My nickname has only 1 s Tongue
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(06-22-2010, 02:39 PM)Bositman Wrote: P.S. My nickname has only 1 s Tongue

Sad see what i mean, i need to get new eyes or something
Ok, back on this thread since my search for goldeneye rouge came up with this thread only..

Has anyone played it?

I remember getting past the helicoptor controller calibration scene. i dont know what i did to ruin it, be it graphic plugins, sound or just my xbox360 wired controller being stupid or what. [maybe windows ? ]

the weird thing is i tried re-unraring the newest beta[so as to start fresh], but when running that its as if all the options are the same, other than the missing plugins i didnt add again. also, im experiencing the same problem with not being able to press x during the helicoptor controller calibration scene. hereby referred to as HCCS [syke]

is there anyway to erase traces of pcsx2's settings ? like a registry clean or something [i dont know]

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