compress/zip sstates?
i just realized my folder of sstates which i presume is the saves,are up to 4gb!
is there any way to compress them? i tried with 7zip but that made it the same size as the folder even though i tried using ultra settings.

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Savestates are already compressed. They can't get any smaller than they are, unfortunately.
4GB? that's quite a garbage collection of save states. o_O

not a flaw... there's no tweaking that. devs don't overwrite that?... this is your own thing to manage.

and there's no scheme to name that for you... so... f*ck it. Wink
Yeah the reason 7zip didn't make them any smaller is what rama said - they are already compressed.
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Apart from the size matter, save states are basically not compatible with other pcsx2 versions. Use memory card files instead of save states as much as possible.
I sometimes clean up by deleting every state with a number > 01.
Chances are that they're not useful anymore Tongue2

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