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compress/zip sstates?
i just realized my folder of sstates which i presume is the saves,are up to 4gb!
is there any way to compress them? i tried with 7zip but that made it the same size as the folder even though i tried using ultra settings.

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Savestates are already compressed. They can't get any smaller than they are, unfortunately.
4GB? that's quite a garbage collection of save states. o_O

not a flaw... there's no tweaking that. devs don't overwrite that?... this is your own thing to manage.

and there's no scheme to name that for you... so... f*ck it. Wink
Yeah the reason 7zip didn't make them any smaller is what rama said - they are already compressed.
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
Apart from the size matter, save states are basically not compatible with other pcsx2 versions. Use memory card files instead of save states as much as possible.
I sometimes clean up by deleting every state with a number > 01.
Chances are that they're not useful anymore Tongue2

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