computer stats check and advice
hey guys, buying a rig and wondering if this will play MGS3, FFX, or any Persona well before i send in the order, and changes or advice would be appreciated because it is a large portion of the rigs purpose. thx

Phenom X4
8g ddr2
probably a 6000 radeon 256bit 1g gddr5 900clock card.
700w+ corsair psu.
an am2/3 mobo i have on hand.


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oh and i dont know if it matters much but i have two hdd both sata at ...i think 7200 one with linuxmint and the other with w7 ultimate.
I'd forego the first gen Phenom X4 but the Phenom II X4's are a good choice. Check what CPUs your motherboard will support.
k, ill look into a new mobo because i dont think mine supports it right now. but with just the phenom I how much lag could i expect on a compatible game lol thx.
i agree with ilovejedd, if youre looking for cpu under $100, AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Deneb 3.0GHz is only $96 on newegg, its only $26 more than Phenom X4 for $26 its well worth that cost to go phenom II
CPU: Intel i7 920 C0 @ 4.2 Ghz 1.36v Cogage Arrow
Ram: 3x2GB OCZ Gold 1690 9-9-8-24 1.65v
GPU: MSI GTX580 Lightning @ 970/2200 1.09v+MSI GTX460 Hawk PhysX
HDD: Corsair Force GT 120, 2x F4 320GB Raid 0,F4 2TB, WD-G 1TB
PSU: Corsair HX850 80 PLUS SILVER Modular
Case: Antec 1200 EVGA Mod

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