config help needed for swbg2
well, i have a computer intel....2.8ghz ( can't remember, sorry i don't have internet at home. ) and here writing asking if anyone has tried SWBG2 on their pc. currently im using the software one because hardware won't let me enter battles. graphics looks sooo bad! and its only around 20-40 fps. can any of you please tell me your configuration? swbg2 = star wars battlefront 2 Tongue

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well, wouldn't it be swbf2 then? Tongue and i think this belongs to the general discussion and support section. but without detailed info about your specs (intel with 2.8ghz?) and your pcsx2/plugin versions and config it will be rather difficult to help you. also, star wars battlefront 2 is listed in the compatibility list of pcsx2 as "menues" only, so running the game in software mode might be everything you'll get with this game, but i don't have it myself to confirm that.
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