config to run Wild Arms 4, 5 ?
In the past, I can run WA4 & 5 with older version (0.94, 0.95 or smthing) well: 30fps, tolerable bugs, no major errors.
But now I try it with r1972, gsdx 2283 and they just went black, no sound or whatsoever.

My spec:
Xeon X3220 @3.2ghz
4gb ddr2
vga 9800gt 512mb

pcsx2 0.9.6 r1972
GSDX 2283
Lilypad 0.9.9
linuz cdvd

cpu setting: default
gamefix: none
speedhack: 1.5x cycle, all EE Misc Hacks enable, status flaghack enable
advanced: default

Thanks for reading !

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Dunno about 4, but using another sound plugin fixed 5 for me. SPU2-X doesn't work with it for some reason.
thanks alot !!! I change to zerospu and it work again !

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