configuration 8bitdo bluetooth controller.
configuration 8bitdo bluetooth controller.

not going past tv settings in game (shinobi) 50ghz, 60ghz, test (tv settings)

not accepting the settings (x button not binding with game)

using lilypad 0.11.0 (ld) settings (pad1)

pictures of gamepad settings.

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Check the settings of the 8bitdo and make sure you are in joystick mode not Bluetooth keyboard, icade, or emu touchscreen mode.

Check in windows to make sure windows is recognizing the game pad as well.
youdidn't set the d-pad
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how do i change to joystick mode.

i dont see joystick mode anywhere on pcsx2 settings.
the user manual for 8bitdo nes30pro/fc30pro

There you go.
am using this Bluetooth controller -

still square & circle button not configuring.

only x & triangle with + & - in settings when binding.

and x button or triangle does not work while in game. just left & right, up down.
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