configuration to play valkyrie profile 2 Silmeria at full speed.
My specs are Dual Core cereon 2.4 Ghz, Radeon 7700 HD and i have Valkyrie profile 2 undub.

Before you start game check Tri-ace hack fix. That would make you wait 2-3 mins to load. after that ignore this message.
"isoFile: Couldn't find layer1... iso image is probably corrupt or incomplete."

IF you have 25-29 fps try changing speed hacks ...if that dose not work try changing bios...sometimes bios can't run them at full speed.
I changed bios form Europe V2.00 (4.11.04) to USA V2.0 (14.6.04)
Europe did run at 25 FPS with everything tried, while with USA bios i can run up to full speed 60fps but when i press tab i go up to 90-96 fps.

Note: Lost forest is bugged somehow, you will see vertical red lines..sometimes it's hard to see where it goes.
But after you pass that point everythig is ok.

Im playing battles fine but cut scenes are very slow ...somewhere there is graphical glitches, but you shouldn't worry about this it dose not makes game crash/freeze

I've made this so it could help lost people out there, i hope it help Smile

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dear lord provide me a shining light
Weird guide.
Not to mention according to you, you need to own 2 different ps2 to take benefits from th bios change, you also forget to mention the problems the undub patch will bring.
Combined to the use of speedhacks you avise, this will lead to a lot of unstability.
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Quote:i just downloaded some other version of pcsx with several bios files


You have been warned.

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Game runes normal for me...out game and in battles, but cutsceens are slow 5-10 Fps and idk how to speed up i end up skipping sceens
(08-13-2012, 06:31 AM)Ice Queen Zero Wrote: @alicja87

You have been warned.

Read Global Forum Rules please.

nothing beat $30 phat ps2 and borrowing games from friends Tongue
(because they have ps3 and 360 to play with)
Speaking VP2 I remember reading that the game had a few nasty graphical problems on 1 or 2 levels. Has that been fixed with the 1.0 release?
The issues are in the forest level and it shows up fine if you use GSdx software mode
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