controller configuration problem(s)
using pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-3391-g79db01d7e-windows-x86 and controller plugin LilyPad 0.21.1

i use my ps4 controller for pc gaming and for some reason pcsx2 has

DX USB Gaming Mouse
DX Wireless Controller
DX Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)

listed in the device diagnostics section of the "general" tab of the controller plugin config window.

when i go to the "pad 1" tab to configure my controller it sometimes accepts the input as xinput, sometimes direct input, thus resulting in it using multiple inputs for the same controls in-game.

was gonna try warriors of might and magic last night but it was treating the d-pad and LEFT thumbstick the same as the right thumbstick. even though those are correctly configured to those buttons/thumbstick.

i CAN move around with d-pad slightly in game but it still tries to force it to act as the right thumbstick. i also tried ticking the "hide ds4 controller" option in ds4windows but to no avail. it still had this problem.

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