controller couldn't work!!!
hi. im having trouble with the controller. everything else seems ok for me, but when i start the game, the controller didn't work.
everytime i config the controller, it will automatically delete all of the input i've made once i click the 'ok' button. so, i'm still stuck at the BIOS screen coz no input can be made.
somebody out there please help me. i'd really appreciate it.

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Common problem, quick solution.

Right click PCSX2 and select Run as Administrator.

Alternatively, you can move the PCSX2 folder else where (like My Documents).

If none of the above suites your style, then you can directly edit the ini of the control pad plug-in. Which requires you to know the code for each button/key.

That's pretty much it. Tongue
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wow!!! thanks for the quick reply. it really works. good luck in ur life

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