controller issue - left analog and button click
So I've recently purchased H1Z1 and i would like to start using my Ps4 controller. I have installed the latest version and have it all linked together. So far i am able to make the right analog stick to control the mouse. I have changed the deadzone and sensitivity and it all works fine.

I have set the left analog stick to control the WSAD buttons (characters movement) but for some reason the character doesn't move. I have also tried using the presents already provided to see if im doing something wrong, still doesn't want to work. Am i doing something wrong? Any tips or advice about how to get the character moving would be greatly helpful as i can see this software being absolutely awesome if i can get it working.

Also, the second issue i am having is that if i press a button to do something on screen, if i try press the button again it won't do it again. For example, if i press the cross button on the controller i want this to replicate me pressing the space bar (this makes the character jump). However, if i want to jump again, nothing happens. Almost as if it thinks i haven't let go of the first click?

If anyone could some help on resolving these issues then i reckon i should be able to fully finish the rest on my own.


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