controller not fully working in some games
I've got troubles with my pad, in some games basic controls are not working (ex. the adventure of cookie and cream: the pad works great in the menu and when I run a solo or multiplayer game the directionnal pad does not work anymore) (was using lilypad)
I've read the general troubleshooting guide ( ), found a "SSSPSX 1.7.1 PM" mod, and with it I can only use the left and right button (so only the X-axis is working), that makes me move forward/backward along the first diagonal of the screen, that's all...
I've the same problem with a multiplayer mod of mortal kombat, but it's ok with my 2 other games so don't know why it works well with some games and not with the others

CPU: i5-3320 (quad 2.6)
GC: Nvidia Quadro K1000M
Mem: 8 Go
OS: Win 7
PCSX2 1.4.0

games that are ok: burnout 3 (iso), road trip adventure (bin)
games that doesn't work as expected: kuri kuri mix (iso)(=the adventure of cookie and cream Europe), mortal kombat armageddon (iso)

Any idea ?
Thanks for your help

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What kind of pad are you using?
PS2 dualshock pad ("Under control")
up ? :'(
Try clearing your settings before you launch the game then redo them...make sure you map them correctly.

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