controller plugin issues
hi there, i have a TigerGame PS/PS2 Controller Adapter and i have some problems to configure them (i have the playground release)

With SSSPSX Pad plugin when I try to configure the controller it configures for himself saying "J0_AXIS6_MIN" for all the buttons

With LilyPad 0.9.4 i can configure buttons as L1, L2, square, triangle etc. but I can't configure directional buttons and analog stick

I tried to use different plugins but PCSX2 crashes

It's the controller adapter or the plugin? with other games the controller adapter works perfectly...

PSWackoorry for the bad english, but I'm Italian Rolleyes

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SSSPSX: Hold the button on the controller before clicking the button in the config, it should assign the button and not the axis.

LilyPad: there are extra buttons for axis bindings (the hat switch is treated as an axis too):
EDIT: Resolved, thank you very much Cool

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