controller question
Hi, i'm completely new to PCSX2 and i think it's great. After i got a PS3 from my wife for xmas last year, the PS2 has been put into a box and forgotten somewhere in the dungeons Tongue
But as the .hack games are not available on PS3 i had to find a way how to play them... I propably would get killed, if I got built the PS2 up again Wink
But the emu is there and it's working... so awesome !
Now the question. I'd really appreciate it if I could use a PS3 controller for the games. Has anyone tried that? I didn't manage to get it working on Vista. Not with Bluetooth and not with the USB-Cable.

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lillypad has compatability for that
I guess the question begins with:
How to connect my PS3 Controler with the PC ?
I was not able to get that one working. I think, when this is done, i would be able to configure the pad in the plugin....
got it working with some obscure driver and lilypad. Will try the games this evening. It's nothing for children of 2 years Tongue

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