copy ps2 save for use with pcsx2
hi all
i have a modded ps2 (was given to me as such) and im going to uni tomorrow. i was wondering if it was possible to copy my save files from my ps2 using a homebrew app to my computer so i wont have to take my ps2 with me?

thanks for any help, links to guides or other.

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Yes,the homebrew is UlaunchELF(I may be wrong but it's kinda strange if you know what homebrew is but you don't know about UlaunchELF and what you can do with it)

If you can start app from your USB drive,then just put UlaunchELF into it,start it,go to File Manager by pressing O=>mc0:/=>press L1=>choose Game Titles + Details and Game Title=>Press triangle=>choose your saves with X=>press R1 while you are highlighting some of the selected=>choose copy=>return to the devices by pressing triangle(or O on ../)=>go to mass:/=>press R1 and choose psuPaste

After you backup your saves,just use for example mymc to import those saves into your pcsx2 memory card
thanks, it worked, except i used an old codebreaker disk with mymc to copy the saves as ulaunchELF doesnt work properly on my ps2.

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