could somebody help me with PCSX2 please? :(
I posted this in the appropriate forum but nobody is replying and i realy want to play this, sorry.
Ok i got this yesterday, was an absolute nightmare. But eventually i got it ish working. Ok, i click the PCSX2.exe which brings up the blue window, im trying to play wwe smackdown shut your mouth, i click run-Execute then the Shutyourmouth.MDF file, a little window comes up, then it says "PCSX2 has encountered a problem and needs to close...etc etc" But if i drag that box out of the way, the little screen starts the game. But as soon as the intro finishes (i dunno if any of you have played smackdown shut your mouth, but its after the video of all the superstars) I click start like it asks, then it just a black screen. I can hear sound, but no picture. Sometimes its like a lagging sound aswel like its crashed? Could anyone help please?

Specs if needed:
2GB Ram
Geforce 9500GT Graphics card
intel core 2 quad CPU Q6600 2.40GHz (4CPUs)

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OK first of all,this section is for the 0.9.4 PCSX2,that's what the different sections are for.So i GUESS you are using this,instead of 0.9.5 beta or Playground version (yes I know it's a lot Tongue)

Read this to get some idea about configuring:

Then,post all the plugins you are using and your PCSX2/plugin settings!
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no i am using 0.9.4 Wink
Ok what are plugins? lol In the plugins folder theres just a load of .dll files.
I just found out when im loading Shutyourmouth at the intro etc, the FPS is average of 300% when i click start when i say it crashes, the fps drops to 9% and the frame is 1979
I have no idea what these mean, but i guess you do? and im guessing the higher the FPS the quicker it is?
Uh man,read the guide....that's why I linked you to it.There is information there about all plugins and how to configure them.
Yes FPS like games is the speed,if you don't enable the frame limiter it will go above full speed when your PC can pull it off
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ok i've read the guide, set my plugins etc, but still cant get past the same bit. Just crashes everytime i press start. I think i should just give up lol.

if it helps theres a screen shot of my plugins
*sigh* You are using really outdated plugins,download the latest from the plugins section here You are also using SPUnull which the guide explains that it gives no sound.Read the guide *again*? Wacko
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yeah i new that, but i thought if i disable sound, then it might work. Ive basically tried every setting and still nothing. It doesnt come up that its encountered a problem no more so somethings worked at least
Really update your CD plugin to 0.7.0 version, GSdx to 0.1.9 or 0.1.12 (12 is newest). And download all sound plugins because some games need a certain sound plugin to even start.

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