crashing upon load

ive made an MDS file of a ps2 game and im trying to use this emulator to run it Laugh

the problem is when i click file, runCD/DVD.... the game begins to run, i get the game developers splashscreen etc....when this screen has finished windows says it needs to close the program (send error report etc)....everything has halted and i cant seem to get around it....

can you help me?

what am i doing wrong?


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no we cant help you, because you havent told us what game it is, what your system specs are, what your plugin settings are Tongue
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it's ur dx drivers not updated or ur graphic card not support all the graphic plugins except zerogs
Or your trying dx10 mode and your card does'nt support it.
i well i tried the zerog plugin and it starts but then just goes black......and my direct x is 9.0c fully updated ....

i've also found that if i put direct3D9 as 'software' it works but its all shakey...Wacko

btw the game is hitman contracts if it helps
The game is noted in the compatibility list as uncompatible so it's no wonder you cant run it well, try the latest PCSX2 beta maybe you'll get some luck but dont get your hopes up.
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