custom configurations and online database
Hi there, i have two questions/feature beggings Smile

First: does pcsx2 support per-game configurations? Or is this what patches are for? I have some games which run on wildly different configs, so having each iso load its config upon load would be very convenient. I found nothing about that in the guide, so please donĀ“t bash me for not knowing...

Second: If there are indeed custom configs for games, would it be very complex to have pcsx2 check an online database for the most compatible setup? If bandwidth is a concern i would gladly help out with some server space.

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...easyest way is to create two folders, each for it's own game, & two shortcuts, so if you wanna play one game, start one PcSx2 if another start another instance of PcSx2, that's how you'll keep your settings, & don't have to think, if you loaded right settings, ...another way is to create different settings for each game, & then before running game you just copy settings into the PcSx2 folder...

There is no online db for PcSx2 for now...

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1. there are either some command line options you can use to load a game with a certain configuration, -cfg e.g. let's you choose a different pcsx2.ini for a game. the other options are shown here: or you can search for a tool called "pcsx2launcher" (formerly known as ps2launcher), which acts as a frontend for pcsx2 and is able to save the whole settings individually for each game.
2. with the right rig for most games the default config is the best config. if not, then the "optimal" settings depend greatly on your hardware and it would be nearly impossible to find out and test dozens of configurations for each game, especially when each new release would make most of them obsolete. but that's what this forum is there for Wink
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