dark cloud ???
hi everyone! So i was wandering if i could run Dark Cloud with these specs :
cpu : amd 5000+
gpu : 8600 gt
ram : 2gb
os : windows 7

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Answer: Try it and see. Your PC doesn't meet the recommended CPU requirements (3.5+ dual core CPU) but that doesn't necessarily mean any and all 3d games would be slow or unplayable.

I'd recommend just tossing the disc into the drive and seeing if it plays well, then if it does dumping the game as ISOs run better due to faster access times.
thanks for replying !!! Yes i think so too cause i've managed to play quite some games with pcsx2 till now like : persona 3fes,4; naruto ultimate ninja 1,2,3 ; narutimate acel 1,2 ; kingdom hearts 2 ; Shadow of the Colossus and Nocturne. and all this was made possible thanks to "THE SPEEDHACKS" and the latest betas, plugins ... (generally having only some endurabe slowdowns in some of the above games Tongue2) . but i was just asking since i didn't have the disc ( because i gave it to my 12 years old cousin a few months ago and unfortunatelly didn't make an iso of it Sad .... so i just wanted to know before i got the disc back (next week) that's all.

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