dark cloud 2 pnach help
i'm currently using this file on my dark cloud 2 game

gametitle=Dark Cloud 2 USA
// Max Synth Points For The Last Item Slot
// Max Items Amount For The Slot Before Last Item Slot.
// Max\Infinite Gilda
// Item Modifier 0 - 428

Everything works great, the problem is the item slots are set to 142, 143, and 144, and i only have 138 inventory slots. i have no idea how to find inventory slot id's or whatever. so if somone could tell me how to change this to target slots 136, 137 and 138 that would be fantastic.

~Edit, nevermind. didnt realize the game gave you 1 bag expansion. useless post

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I know this is a bit of a necro, but because this post is the google result of this issue, I felt I should add: You get your first bag expansion, which will make the codes usable, after the first and a bit of a ways into the second dungeon. Live without it until then, as getting the hex difference of 98 and subtracting it six times to get slot 138 does not work. Unless someone with more then extremely basic knowledge comes around with the ID for slot 138, thats the best you can do.

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