delay slot 17fbefc problem
Hey peeps..

First off all, i want to say that my english might be a bit sucky, since i'm a dane Smile

But to the problem:

I have been searching around the forum for this delay slot crash, without any luck.
Everytime i try to start up this "jak and daxter - Renegade" PCSX2 crashes, and i have to restart the game.. The bios starts up, and the game i s starting up, with this PS2 logo in the middle of the screen, it then jumps to the bottom of the screen, and back to the center, and then it is here the game crashes with the fault code "delay slot 17fbefc".

I have tried to play "Chicken little" wich works without any problems. Though a little laggy - But thats probably just a config setup tweak Smile
To note: Both games are originals, and i'm playing directly from my dvd drive..
I have some other games wich kind a crash aswell, but the crashes looks like i just have to modify som configuration.. So no point in getting in to these.

Do any of you guys have an idea, of whats wrong, and what i maybe should change in my configuration?
Or are there just some games that are impossible to play in PCSX2?

Please help me out here.. My son has "stolen" my ps2, and i'm a bit of a fan of J&D Smile

Computer specs:
Asus lamborghini laptop
Intel C2D T7500 2.2Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT
2GB DDR2 PC5400

PCSX2 configuration:
Graphic is set to SSSE3 with Direct3D 10, blend tff enabled and aspect ratio set to 16:9
P.E.Op.S CDVD is used as cdvdrom with no modification
Rest is default options

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Don't bother enabling interlace unless a game actually needs it or else it negatively effects graphics and on rare occasions even causes crashes Wink

That said, what version of pcsx2 are you using? Also have you tried using gigahertz cdvd plugin as that is the one that is currently maintained. If you are using 0.9.6 stable, I recommend trying revision 1888 beta from the download section of the forum or of the website which has a noticable improvement both in compatibility and in speed.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I have downloaded the latest release from this site. so i guess i have the 0.9.6 version..

And i will look into the gigahertz plugin, and see if that helps, and also with the interlacing thingy.. Smile

I will report back..
Well... there are 2 "latest releases" on the website. One is the stable version (0.9.6) and one is the beta (revision 1888). The beta is the newer code that is generally better but may be buggier (revision 1888 is very stable in my testing). 0.9.6 is much older code (from the beginning of this year I believe) but has been very well tested and is the one that generally gets the most support.
[Image: 2748844.png]
After installing the new release 1888 beta, it definitely helped to the gfx.. Though its still a bit laggy.. (Tested with ratchet and clank).

So this helped so far.. But now i can't play directly from my dvd drive, so i will take a copy of the game, and then test it again Smile

Though i allready have another iso laying wich i'm trying with as i write this, but that just shows me alot of * * Track xxxxxxx: Data (mode 2) (3 sectors)
And it has been counting from 1 till around 1 mill now Tongue


After making an image of the game, it now booted - But the screen turns black after the PS2 logo - The sound however is still there

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