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We don't support BC yet, so yea, get a PSX emu instead.
(09-21-2011, 12:56 PM)rama Wrote: We don't support BC yet, so yea, get a PSX emu instead.

by "yet" you mean there is plans to do so and have they gained a decent acceptation and encouragement to proceed ?
Check around other threads, the devs have never once said (to my knowledge) that PSX emulation wasn't going to happen... Only that it would have to be 'PS2 accurate' and that it wasn't a priority.
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yes i read much of those threads including

but i just want a direct answer Tongue
Let it go, abdo.

Just let it go, man...
The PS2 is able to run PS1 games because it contains all PS1 hardware inside. So if you want PCSX2 to run PS1 game, just download PCSX1 and place it inside PCSX2 folder Laugh.

Edit: And don't forget to run the corresponding exe (PCSX.exe or PCSX2.exe) when you run the game.
uhh are you sure?
PCSX1 and PCSX2 are two different emus with different plugins o.O
So it won't work if you put both emus in one folder.

Use epsxe for PS1 instead. It's more compatible.

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Really? Cause I have both emulators in the same folder and they work fine. Also, GSDx works in both PS1 and PS2 emus~
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