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Motion Joy is the best there is at the moment.

I believe the "God-Awful Graphical User Interface" comment was a bit out there. I think it is just fine.

I have had the most success with version

That is by far my favorite Release.

Considering the utility is open source, and is compatible with over 5 different bluetooth devices. I would say it is rather good.

Cant use it offline

N/A everything is a pro
Yes, you saying, "I didn't like it" is a fact.

Saying it had a god awful GUI is an opinion.

No one is upset here.

The correct term would be astounded.

The fact that you took a jab with me with the instigating comment, "Thats just a fact."

I simply cannot think of a real world use for that phrase, without being slightly rash with someone.

note, thanks for taking the time to pull up the fancy pic.
Glad to come to an agreement. Yes the visuals are not the best, but I do think they are organized, and they are very easy to use, and considering it is meant to be a minimized program, it does the job with flying colors.

When there is a new release of some form of ps3 controller usage youll find out about it. It isn't hard to improve on garbage. -Cpt. Price


7.0 releases are on the way, you can download betas but they don't work very well, (or in my case at all).
There is an alternative to Motioninjoy called Xinput which most people prefer on this site it seems. I always tolerated Motioninjoy because i thought it was the only option, but then I started getting controller glitches in PCSX2 so i looked on here for an alternative.

This post is what started me off:

No online verification stuff with Xinput, just plug and play. Simple as that.

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