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1. Download PSV Exporter and PS2 Save Builder

Let's take this Kingdom Hearts 2 Save as example:

Save Game File    04/28/08    dided21    20K
Final save point, all characters at LV 99 with their ultimate weapons and have all abilities equipped, journal is 100% complete

2. Extract the ZIP and once you have the .PSV file, open it up with PSV Exporter.

You'll now see the following things:
  • kh2.ico
  • icon.sys
  • BASLUS21005-00

Press the third button (the one that says 'All'), Save it somewhere.

In my case I saved it to C:\PS2 Tools. It'll automatically be put inside a folder called C:\PS2 Tools\BASLUS-21005-00.

3. Open PS2 Save Builder.

4. Go to the newly created BASLUS-21005-00 folder, and drag the 3 files inside it to the PS2 Save Builder. (Right below the File Name and Size tabs).

You can tell you did it right by the fact that the Kingdom Hearts 2 icon will now show.

5. In the Root/ID area, fill in the ID of the game. Which is BASLUS-21005-00

6. Press the Save icon. Save it as .cbs or .xps, either one works.

7. Import in myMC, done!
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