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devil may cry 1 not running well
hello, ive been trying to play dmc1 but the display its just not working well at all. ive tried all the different video specs with different configs but i still cant manage to get it work. my cpu is a core 2 quad q9550 2.83ghz, 2gb ddr3 ram, and my video card its an ati hd radeon 4870. i dont think this has to do with my pc since my fps seems fine but then again i know very little about this.
also its irritating but like if i press the key to acces the menu, for an instant i get to see the game perfectly fine but then it enters the menu :/
ill attach an image just in case
thanks a lot in advance

edit: i checked some options of the zeroGS one was exact color testing and the other no vertical stripes. thing is now i cant see anything, the screen is all brownish. i uncheked those things and also clicked on "use defaults" but it still wont go back to the way it was

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Don't use ZeroGS. Try GSDX instead.
yes i have tried them as well with different options but of no use. i cant even see the character with em, i see the sky and some birds? flying around
By the way, what pcsx2 version is this? Seems to be pretty old.
Tryed running my Devil may cry [PAL] with latest pcsx2 and gsdx available on froum and i don't see any problem with it even with oldder version 0.9.6+ i never had any problem. Try posting your config and version of everything so we can check whats your problem.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
the versions i have are latest i think since i downloaded all the stuff from here jus yesterday. ill try to get a different dmc version or something. the one i have now its .nrg but i dont think that matters? ill jus get another one and if it doesnt work well, guess its bad luck Tongue2
thanks a lot for ur answers

edit: the version im using its 0.9.6
Any program can make iso, why make nrg? that from nero if i am not mistaken, just use Dvd Decrypter, Daemon Tools or Power Iso to make a iso of your game.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
its funnty but i tried about 6 different programs, most said the convertion was succesfull and the new .iso was only 0byte in size. power iso for instance got stuck at 8% and couldnt get past that. another one made the iso correctly it seems (only 500mb thought) but i got errors while loading it. so im just gonna get a new dmc just in case
Try Dvd Decrypter the only dvd i couldn't make iso was special dvd of FFX, used powerdvd to run on pc, it probably works on a normal dvd player.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
alright i will. i will be off my house for the weekend, if the iso still doesnt work, i guess ill jus borrow my cousins ps2 Tongue2 thanks everyone for ur answers

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