devil may cry black screen error
okay i tried

* all the game fixes
* disabling all the speedhacks
* changing to software mode

but no i can't get pass the damn capcom logo it just goes black i have read that this game doesn't have this problems with older rev's so please can someone give me a stable good'ol rev or quick fix for this Sad

i am running the ntsc version

my specs are

amd HD 6870
i5 2500k
4gb ddr3
windows 7 home premium

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Have you tried without any Gamefixes? They're not meant for this...

What PCSX2 rev are you using? 0.9.8?

And yeah-- I don't recall ever having trouble booting this one.
You could also consider the possibility of a bad rip. It won't hurt to try re-ripping your disc with a reliable program like ImgBurn.
that's the reason i tried the gamefix in the first place anyways i used poweriso to rip my cd and i am using 0.9.9
Use the stable 0.9.8 revision.
This wouldn't be the first game to not boot in recent SVN, but did with the stable rev.

If using 0.9.8 doesn't make the difference, then you really should use ImgBurn.
DMC boots just fine in latest svn.
For Devil May Cry pcsx2 0.9.9 appears to be good. Also, make sure you get the latest SVN.

DMC boots just fine in latest svn.

yeah you're right i ripped my cd again with imgburn and this time it boots fine Happy

i avoid poweriso, so many games end up unplayable with that app.

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