diagnostic for bottleneck
It would be very helpful if developers could include the diagnostic feature in PCSX2 do determine what component of the system is keeping fps low.

I was wondering why i had low fps on my very good rig, and it seems to be because of my old slow HDD (i run FFX-2 on my new fast HDD and it gave me +15fps). It is that or PCSX really improved speed since svn720.
i am wondering will i benefit from SSD?
Such diagnostic feature would be very helpful.

i have 33% CPU usage in-game, so the bottle neck is not the CPU, right?
Phenom II X4 940 3 Ghz / 8 gb RAM 800 / Geforce GTX 460 / win7 64

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(06-21-2009, 01:05 AM)tohdom Wrote: ps.
i have 33% CPU usage in-game, so the bottle neck is not the CPU, right?

wrong, that just means gsdx is only using 33% of your cpu. The phenom isnt that amazing to be frank, your chip is about the same as a core 2 E6600, having had one of those, i can tell you at standard clocks, it isnt too fantastic, so this is more than likely to be your bottleneck.

however just make sure you have MTGS enabled, grab the latest gsdx revision from the gsdx sticky in the plugins section, grab the latest public beta from the stickies in this forum, go in to Config->Advanced on the emulator and make sure you havek "Denormals are zero" and "Flush to Zero" enabled (there is 2 instances of these options to do)

If you are still struggling for speed, you have 2 options.

1. Config->Speedhacks, try different combos till you find one that is nice, VU Cycle Stealing should help.
2. Overclock your CPU, however rumor has it Phenoms dont clock very far.
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(06-21-2009, 01:05 AM)tohdom Wrote: It is that or PCSX really improved speed since svn720.

SVN720 is olllllllllllllld so yes, there have been drastic speed improvements since then.
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He is using a Phenom 2, not just a plain phenom. There is no such thing as a phenom X4 940, but there is a phenom 2 x4 940 and that cpu is very very good. It's better than all of the intel processors in the same price range. The Phenom 2s are also very amazing overclockers.

Also TC, if you are running at a very high resolution, try turning it down in GSDX.
Actually, what I would recommend for you (since you have Vista) is to use the Windows Experience Index to rule out any reasonable bottlenecks in your PC. Have in mind however that ATA-HDD have often around 5.2 points and SATA-HDD have around 5.9 points.

And to answer your question about SSD: Depends on how the games gets read, DVD, DVD (mounted) or ISO. In theory, yes, but in practice most likely not since it isn't THAT much data which needs to be read every second, and a SATA-HDD is more than enough. An HDD almost never matters in a question of performance in one application, it's only when multitasking that the HDD gets more important than the other devices.

Oh! I just remembered that with your rig you most likely gets the max point (5.9) in all devices when using the Windows Experience Index. So better upgrade to Windows 7 RC so that the grading expands to 7.9! Tongue
That would be good feature.
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Nope, an SSD will make very slight to no difference in reading speed. As refraction said,your bottleneck is your CPU speed
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Can that CPU really be that bad? This review proves outwise: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/860/1/
We're not talking about general performance here but PCSX2 performance. And since the CPU does not support SSSE3 or SSE4 which are used in PCSX2 it has a disadvantage when compared to the Intel counterparts...
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Oh, I see! Then the golden rule is: STAY AWAY FROM AMD AND ATI! I will remember that FOREVER! Tongue

The datasheets states it supports SSE4a, doesn't that include SSE4 ?

Oh, it seems it doesn't! Damn AMD for being competetive.

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