differents FPS for FMVs and Gameplay? its possible?
Hello! im actually playing Kingdom Hearts II (PAL) and i notice a big speed difference with his NTSC version (as you know NTSC run at 60fps and PAL at 50fps) is for this reason that i configured my PCSX2 to run PAL games with a Frame Limit of 60fps which is actually a lot better at gameplay...
the problem is, as you can read on the thread subject, i got a litte problem playing FMVs, they´re actually too fast for the audio...
i wonder if i can edit FSP limit to run FMVs at normal 50fps and Gameplay at 60fps.. is this possible??

greetings and sorry for my english Tongue

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No, unless you like to waste your time by setting the FPS limit...

Edit: Or just stick with NTSC version
well it sees i´ll have to play the game in english with NTSC... the 50fps from PAL are soo annoying.. anyway thanks for your answer pal!
$quare €nix PAL games are known to be crappy.
You could set turbo to 60fps, then configure lilypad to toggle it with L3... Of course this destroys real turbo

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