difficulties installing and running
I've not had very much luck with emulators, so for reasons like this I've usually tried to stay away from them. I'm running windows 7 home 64, I have updated my directx through links on this site at least 4 times now. The friend that suggested this place to me was able to download and install it, and have it up and running with little trouble around the same time I tried. I believe a major problem is that every folder after installation is empty except Lang, patches and plugins. I'm able to get the base program running by fiddling around with the configuration a little, but as soon as I try to do anything with it, I'm barraged with error messages about missing things.
I've downloaded the link at the top of the downloads, below 7zip, 3 times now. I've also tried extracting the downloaded filed with 7zip and looked in there, to no avail. All it said is that my version of windows is not supported.
It has become readily apparent by now that I'm not going to get this working by myself, and as you might be able to gather so far, I'm not the best in this area. Is anyone out there able and willing to help me out?

P.S. I'm sorry if this is a common problem, I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything.

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Can you show us the content of the pcsx2 folder and what the errors you mention say?
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Pcsx2 needs to be configured.
(Pretty sure this one is normal)

Could Not Load GS Plugin 'plugins': <NULL>
(This appears the first time I try to configure, resetting any configuration changes to default. Does not continue after first attempt)

The specified Bios file was not found. A bios is required for Pcsx2 to run.

File not found
Filename: bios
(My friend did send me the bios files but I forgot to save them when I tried reinstalling -.- )

these are the error messages I'm able to get to now, though I do remember two errors regarding missing information regarding memcards 1 & 2
I'm not sure how you wanted to see the folders, but bios, dumps, inis, logs, memcards, snap, sstates are all empty, I'll work on getting screenshots of the folders with contents.
You need to get your own BIOS from your own PS2, talking about getting it from someone else can and will get this thread locked.

I've got the Win7 x64 beta, so hopefully it'll be analogous to yours. Try the public beta installer and see how it goes, I've used it myself only a few days ago and it ran perfectly fine.

Make sure to run both the installer and the actual pcsx2 .exe as Administrator, though. Win7 won't let pcsx2 write to the Program File folder without escalated rights, and you'll keep getting strange errors if you don't have them.
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I know this sounds like a cop out, but I do own a ps2, and AM trying to play this the legal street, I'm just not very good at this sort of stuff. Once I obtain my bios, I believe I'll still be having difficulties with this emulator and I'll have more information at that time. Will this thread be kept open or should I make a new one with that new info?
did u set the folder destination the in the configure option??
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eternal search on google,are many video tutorials
and here in the forum it's a thread for this
or talk in pm,messenger with a member

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