digital devil saga, weird
Hey folks, anyone had a freezing issue after opening the gate #4 before the boss fight in Manipura? The emulator seems to display some garbage after opening the door and just freezes like that, tested on svn 2414, no speedhacks, gsdx software

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i have same problem, couldnt get around it. Tested on many different revisions.
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
here's a shot of what happens, it's strange cause up to this point it was perfect and i didn't have a single crash...

[Image: snapsgsdx_20100110102956.jpg]
maybe is software mode an idea?
or else try enableing all fixes and stuff (it helps sometimes dont ask me why O.o)
well yeah it actually is in software, i'm going to try the fix for persona next time i have a chance, but i guess i should report this since i'm not the only one experiencing this
Weird. I finished this game very recently had didn't have any such issue at all in that part of the game. I had a freeze after a cutscene at the very end of the game before the final boss, but it was solved by temporarily switching to software mode.
hm, which svn revision did you use ?
For core I used the last beta: 1888
GSDX I used my own build of SVN 2116 where I patched in the transparent walls fix that wasn't in trunk yet.
SPU-X was whatever's in the latest beta as well.

I didn't mess with any cpu/gamefix/advanced settings from defaults.
Yea, i got same problem with u guys.
Any idea how to solve this matter?
Just started playing and reached the same problem (PCSX2 0.9.7 r3878). Any help?

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