direct X issues
ok I have directx 9.0c on my computer.. it says its installed and updated but when i go to run the emulator it says i still need to update my drivers, any advice? Also the computer i am trying to get to run properly on has better specs then my lap top.. its jsut a desktop with a bit more power behind it. It also has no interent so updating has been a pain, if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appricated

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The newest directx update is from February 2010...if you don't have a file named d3dx9_42.dll is your
directory then you don't have the newest directx
ok im working with an xp system, ill take a look at that, but would you happen to know how do I get that to a system not online? Ive downloaded a distrubatle ( sp) version of 9.0c and was told that should do
If you mean this, yes that should do it:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Try using the directx web updater, it will just get the files it needs.

If you need the redist get the february 2010 runtimes, not sure what you used but if it was just the directx9.0.c redist then it's outdated.
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the web updater would be amazingly easy to use but the system im trying to update is not online makes it a pain in the ass, lol stupid being poor! anyways im grabbing the feb-2010 redis one and ill go home and try that out ill let you guys know tomorow at the latest! ty again!!

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