directX update problem
I have been trying to update my directx for 2 days already, but every time i try to update using the web installer it keeps getting a message (failed to update, please check your internet connection or retry later) although my internet connection is currently performing fine.

afterwards i tried installing it manually using the redistributable installer (both the june 2010 and the 2009 ones) in the (C:/windows/temp) folder.

but afterwards, i keep getting the message to update my directx through every gpsx drive i tried to use.

Please help me resolve this problem, if there is a thread that already discusses this problem please help paste the link in this thread your help would be extremely appreciated.

Additional info :
My laptop runs on
Intel Core i5 @1.7ghz
IntelHD 4000
Ram 4gig

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i've tried installing that one too but it keeps asking me to update my directx. as i have said before i installed it in (C:windows/temp) did i install it in the wrong place? (i have tried restarting my laptop, but i still get the same message)

thanks for the reply btw.
Nothing should be installed to windows\temp, let it install to where it wants to install.
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Sorry, wrong info

it was installed on (C:/users/mylaptop/appdata/local/temp)
where it wants to be installed btw

but i still get the same message.

thank you again for the reply btw.
Thread closed

i somehow managed to install it properly and now it works properly
thanks for the support guys!

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