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directx issue?
i hav been trying to set up my pcsx2 today, ive set up all of the configurations using the guide, but when i select next, it says i hav to update my directx libraries, but when i try to load the dxwebinstaller all i get is a connection error. so i looked that up to find out the issue, it told me to download the directx redist. file, so i did that too, now i still get the same error when trying to run the web installer, and same message for pcsx2 as well, which is a bummer because im really looking forward to playing drakengard 2, bought it just for this Tongue. any way... please help im still new to all this tech config stuff in general so theres complete room for error on my part, but i just dont know what it could possibly be. Thanks in Advance!

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If you got the redist then why are you trying to run the webinstaller again? Tongue2

Try running the DirectX setup from the redist as admin (right click), or disable UAC (google for this).
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Maybe your antivirus or firewall somehow prevents web installer from connecting to internet. Have you checked your settings?
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yeah i checked all the firewalls, when i downloaded all of the redist files, i got a buttload of winRAR files, and ive been lookin through to see which ones hav a set up or any exe file, but they all seem to be full of app extensions no basic executable file, and the ones that do hav the exe files or set ups are all 64 bit win7 but im runnin 32 bit capable of 64. . . and when i try to open anything in the redist it just says "Cannot execute "C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EX00.078\infinst.exe"

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