directx10(hard) forces pcsx2 to shut down
Some specs:
CPU: Intel Core 2Duo 2.26 GHz
GPU: Intel 4500 GMA (I know...)
PCSX2: 0.9.7

The reason I want to try DX10(hard) is because everything I read here seems to say that it will make games run the fastest if you can use it.
I have been trying to get Enthusia Professional Racing to run at a decent speed. I am using an iso that I burned from the disk I own from a while ago, which works fine on my ps2. I got through the menus and to the races fine (and I could actually race the races at about 28-33 fps) when I was using DX9 software, hardware and DX10 software, but couldn't get past the first screen using DX10 hardware.

I have DX11 installed on my laptop, and I have looked up that DX10 is compatible with my display adapter. I installed all the new drivers for the gpu. I have tried with various speedhacks settings and it always seems to do the same thing. I disabled the framelimiter for debugging purposes and found that it blew up to 411 fps right before the problem occurred.

What happens is, a white screen with Konami logo pops up(normal), then it goes black, the the fps shoots up, then my whole monitor goes black for a second, then my pcsx2 window turns gray, and windows forces me to close the program since it was not responding. I also get an error saying that my display adapter stopped responding, but recovered.

Sorry for the long post, but I am just trying to provide as much info as possible so that I can get some quick help. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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You can try updating or getting older drivers and maybe try an older GSdx but with that graphics card you may end up being able to use DX9 only. If you want DX10 better try with an nVIDIA or ATI graphics card and since you're in a laptop it's probably not an option so there's not much you can do about it.
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Ok thats pretty much what I figured. Thanks for the quick response though, guess I'll have to start saving up for a decent desktop

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