direcx10 and 11 error
I have graphic bug when use gsdx10 hardware
[Image: directx9.png]
GSDX Directx 9

[Image: directx10.png]
GSDX Directx 10

in gsdx9 hardware graphic very good
but when I try use gsdx10 hardware, graphic have shadow error in most of game. Final fantasy XII, dragon quest VIII, god of war series don't have that error
I've try some gsdx version or pcsx2 build version, new DirectX End-User Runtimes(2010), reinstall Windows 7 - 64 bit but all of them can't fix it
My directx version in windows is directx 11 and i have hd5770

Sorry for my English

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It's a GSdx bug and not a PCSX2 bug so this is not the forum to post this at. It also works with software mode. Moved out
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