disc swap?
so i was wondering is there anyway to get disc swap to work for games that use it like monster rancher?

i read somewhere that it use to work with ps1 games before some r5886(?) change and then even that stopped. any time i try loading another ps2 iso it locks up and when i tried a ps1 game it crashed.

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I believe disc swapping is still broken for some games. Here is a thread about the issue, it's not fixed and is of extremely low priority on the "to-do" list.

I believe the actual bug report might be this

Right, sorry. I just used the first thing that came to mind. The github issue is correct since it is what PCSX2 currently uses.
are there any other CDVD plugins then? the CDVDnull plugin that seems to be the only thing available apparently does nothing at all. even if the original disk is in the computer nothing.

i would think if there were other CDVD plugins then there would be a way to use that somehow?
Sorry, haven't got a clue. I haven't played any games that required disc swapping in one go. Best bet is to search Google for something like "pcsx2 disc swap" and read up I guess.
If you are interested about Monster Rancher, PM Saiki. He has a build that will let you use PS1 games to generate monsters for it in PCSX2. It's a Windows build, though. But he has the source too so maybe you can build on linux.
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