disgaea - accessing memory card failed
suddenly pcsx2 started giving me an "accessing the memory card (ps2) in memory card slot 1 has failed" error when i try to save in disgaea: hour of darkness. using savestates still works. i only get this error when i load my newest savestate and try to create a regular savegame.
when i load a normal savegame i can save without any proplems but the newest of these ones is jost old enough that it would be quite a bit of work to play to the point of that savestate again (itemworld and stuff).
i could go on using only savestates but i was hoping there might be a solution for this.
deleting the old memcards and creating and formating new ones using cdvdnulldriver didnt help...

thx in advance

pcsx2: 0.9.5 svn377
grapfics: GSdx 826 (MSVC 15.00, SSE3) 0.1.9
sound: P.E.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0
Controller: LilyPad 0.9.4
Cdvdrom: P.E.Op.S. CDVD (CDDA mod) 1.3.0

vista home premium 32bit
intel core 2 quad [email protected]
3GB ram
nvidia geforce 8800 640MB

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