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do these graphic intensive games harm my laptop.
Does these graphics intensive games harm my laptop in any way..or it is better to play games made for computer?

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No, except if your laptop has overheating problems.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
over heating problems like?i have latest i5 dell inspron.
You shouldn't have problems then...check your temps just in case while running PCSX2 with a program like coretemp
[Image: newsig.jpg]
every laptop/notebook has issues with overheating, especially if you plan to play intensive games, so always make sure that if u plan to play intensive games/software (Like PCSX2) it would be wise to buy a Cooler Pad for your laptop, which u put beneath it and it cools your laptop by 2 or 3 fans. Smile
but i dont think thst cooler pad is too important,we can play games whitout it ?.is too important that should i get it now!
oh my...

the games won't ruin your laptop. ofc as per look pcsx2 is a massively depending program. I baked my coolant paste in with it. lol. cause... ofc it will use your lap to the MAX (makes your heat go up) but it won't toast it. there's security measures built in to prevent damage. if you've got an old lap you might make sure it's got a clean coolant system and you'd measure the temps but else... (speaking for me - running 100% @ ~70 after "bake") you'll have no problem. Wink

ohh... and if you willing... use a cooling pad. but (Laugh) if not optimized for your model it's just cooling the plastic.

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