dot hack infection settings
I've spent literally hours trying to get dot hack infection to work on version 9.6. I can't seem to get the sound to stop skipping and I was hoping someone could give me an indepth setting summary so that I can quit pulling out my hair.
It may be my system
I'm running:
Windows XP service pack 3
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1,81 ghz, 1.43 gigs of ram
realtek AC97 onboard sound
Nvidia Geforce 6100
I'm also getting a wierd up and down wobble on the video.

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first use 0.97 in public beta second gpu is soo low change it and if it dont support pixel shader 3 pcsx2 wont work
the old 1888 beta worked beautifully with hack series, if you can find it, use it.
Abdo: I tried 0.97 and none of the CDVD plugins seem to work with the ISO.

Saiki: I downloaded the beta you recommended and I fiddled with it until I got the sound to work fairly well. I'm still getting a low frame rate but that's likely my machine's issue now the emulator, I am however getting some problems with missing pixels (Orca looks like he has black lines around and in the white portions of his painted lines and such) and some pixelation. I'm also getting a few blips of sound at the beginning of cutscenes and then nothing for the rest of the scene, any suggestions?
Quote:Abdo: I tried 0.97 and none of the CDVD plugins seem to work with the ISO.
It's quote myself time again:

And 0.9.7 works with dot Hack games the same or (probably) better than beta 1888 for which we don't offer support any more.
You should use GSdx as graphics plugin and SPU2-X for sound
[Image: newsig.jpg]
O.o Whoa... so my virtual drive program was interfering with the emulator reading the ISO? Wierd
anyone have a solution on how to run on mac?
i cant use bootcamp for some reason and .hack//infection shows as a white screen...
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Forget playing any PS2 game on your PC, it is WAY too weak. A low clocked single core CPU won't get any playable results. The weak onboard GPU does not make things better either.
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Well given the fact that I have no money to upgrade(or buy a PS2) I've been able to get it at the very least playable, even if at a slow rate. Now, I'm certain there are tweaks and such I can do either with my computer or with the emulator to allow me to play this better, any suggestions?
You need to own a PS2 to use PCSX2 legally.

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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