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dragon quest peroformance boost when press f9
I notice the speed and graphics quality go up when i press f9 but for now i have to press f9 everytime i run the game from scratch to get the effect. Is there a setting that does the f9 effect permanently?

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f9 enables software mode. Go into gsdx to enable software mode. Software mode changes what renders the game. Software mode usually renders things better than hardware mode can, but does not allow upscaling or most other graphical enhancements.
the default renderer is software mode so jigster is in reality switching to hardware mode wynnra1n which will of course make the game look better sence the default setting is 1024x1024 trying to remember if its set to native or custom.
Topken is correct. It is default software. I rarely see the advantages of the mode except in certain points in certain games. Final fantasy X-2.

So go into your settings in video/plugin and set it to hardware. Since you didn't post any of your computers parts, can't advise more.
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