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dragonballz budokai tenikachi pcsx2 1888 beta
does dragonballz budokai tenikachi work on pcsx2 1888 beta.when i tried loading with cdvdnulldriver 0.6.0 . it shows error loading cd/dvd plugin?

should i use some other plugins?

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cdvdnull is that... a null plugin. If you're running from your disc try the Gigaherz cdvd plugin and if running from ISO try the linuz ISO cdvd plugin.

I suggest you check the configuration guide.
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thnx 4 replying.
when trying to use Gigaherz cdvd plugin pcsx2 crashes and when loading iso in linuz ISO cdvd plugin it shows error loading cd/dvd plugin.
ok please provide more info, like pc specs, plugins config, screenshots, emulog...
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thnx 4 the help.
pcsx2 started working after restarting pc.
is there any naruto fighting game apart from Naruto - Ultimate Ninja 2 which might play well with this beta?
NARUTO GAMES LIKE, NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA 3 AND 4 WORKS GREAT IN PCSX2r1888 inspite of my spec are low than urs .........TRY IT...Happy

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