dvd player is not set up
Ok, this is probably going to be a noob question but I've searched the internet for over 2 hours now trying to figure this out and I still can't get past this screen. I got everything going but everytime I launch the .iso file the ps2 screen comes up and tells me the dvd player is not set up. (Kingdom Hearts)

I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit AMD phenom quad-core processer 1.80ghz 7gb ram

Please help me...I will be forever in your good graces.

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Uhh, "DVD player" or "CDVD plugin"? I'm guessing it says plugin.

Are you selecting the "Iso" under CDVD? Then choosing you ISO with the "Iso Selector"?

Where do you have PCSX2 installed?

Screen shots of settings are always nice.


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